Book on Qandeel Baloch shortlisted for Shakti Bhatt prize

Journalist Sanam Maher’s book The Sensational Life & Death of Qandeel Baloch has been shortlisted for the Shakti Bhatt First Book Prize 2018.

Maher took to Twitter to share the news and wrote: “Some fantastic news to start the day off – The Sensational Life & Death of Qandeel Baloch is shortlisted for the Shakti Bhatt First Book Prize this year,” she said.

The winner of the book prize will be awarded INR200,000 and a trophy. The winner will be announced in November.

According to Shakhti Bhatt’s official Facebook page, “Sanam Maher’s The Sensational Life and Death of Qandeel Baloch is a testimony to the short, incandescent and courageous life of this Pakistani social media personality, murdered for the family’s honour by her brother. Through the story of Qandeel’s life and death, Maher shows us what it means to be a woman who defies convention in a patriarchal society.”

“As the 21st century settles into a morass of prejudice, hatred, and violence against the perceived Other, it is writers who will remind us of the essential humanity that we all share, however different the Other may look or feel or behave. Writers may not be able to change the world, but they can help us mourn for those that have been vilified, ostracised and killed. This year’s shortlisted books are verses in the elegy that is slowly but surely being composed for all those whom we don’t even know we have lost,” the page posted.

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