Burgers like no other

Food trucks in foreign countries are one of the hottest trends in the food and beverage industry. Going beyond street food cuisine, there are now food trucks that cater to all levels of foodies, offering gourmet/locally sources/ artisanal you-name-it menu items.
Created for burger enthusiasts Khalid Sulman’s Food Truck in Lahore is offering the best deals of burgers in the town.
In 2014, Khalid travelled to LosAngeles and discovered that making perfect burger is an art. He launched a food truck with his Partner Bilal Mukhtar with a small but exclusive menu.
Being located at Hussain Chowk near M.Malam Road – which is pretty much the center of the city – is one of the best things about “Eat Me”. It lands on the way from one end of the city to another, making it a good option for both take-away and dine-in.

Chicken Gourmet Burger

If you are interested in having something traditional and need similar taste of the burger like other has then chicken gourmet burger would be the best choice.
Condiments include cheese, lettuce and some mushrooms on the top with sauce. One thing that was goof about the burger was that it isn’t too messy. The chicken gourmet patty was cooked medium while retaining its softness/chewiness and it wasn’t an overflowing patty. It was balanced, fresh and flavorful; an ultimately satisfying burger. It is also available in beef.
Score: 8/10

Pulled Punjabi Chicken:

This burger is just different than the rest and nearly perfect. This is one the hot selling burger from the menu. The burger had sizzling shredded chicken combined with different spices, herbs, green chillies wrapped in a fresh and soft bun and special Punjabi sauce. In the end, it delivers the classic burger flavor that everybody should try and definitely they would love it too.

Score: 9/10
So, if you are a fast food lover then don’t miss the opportunity of having these delicious and classic burgers all the way.
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