Erum keeps culture alive through painting

EkKhawab Sa Dekha Ha is another step forward in fulfillment of Erum Asfaq’s dreams, that she finds herself incapacitated to bring into reality. The 9th solo exhibition of Erum was successfully held at Alhamrah Art Gallery on the 1st, Jan, 2018. She has so far conducted 16 exhibitions of solo and group shows both nationally and internationally.

The exhibition was inaugurated by Walled City, Director General Kamran Lashari and well appreciated by people from all walks of life. The exhibition was attended by worthy VC Engineering University, Lahore, Prof Dr Fazal Khalid, Ms. Neelam Naz,Chairperson Architecture and Planning, UET, renowned  poet Amjad Islam Amjad and writer Asghar Nadeem Syed, and yesteryear film artist Zareen Suleman.

While talking about her art work, Erum said that there was effort, endless desire to bring all her dreams to her canvas but she remained empty handed. This emptiness is her strength to crave more for intensity of emotional strength that is the crux of her creativeness.

The exhibition was a collection of landscape from Pakistan, heritage buildings from Dehli and Agra and some pieces were of still life. She painted beautifully, artistically and won everyone’s applause since her strokes were intricate and powerful. It is to her credit that her use of color is so nostalgically artistic that she bring viewer into an exact feeling that she creates on canvas.

Heritage buildings are Erum’s centre of interest to paint. She is obsessed with old places, since she never believes, deep inside, time never on. To her, it never does so, rather each passing moment settles in our souls, decorate it, nourish it, sometimes destroys it but always remains a part of us. She painted her this feeling in a “Self portrait” where she turns her head back to time that passed on but settled its remains on her soul.

“The painting (Self Portrait) is a manifestation of my obsession, an old tree in the backdrop remain a symbol of gone times, embedded in me”.

The artist holds a Masters degree, City and Regional Planning from Engineering University Lahore. She also holds a Masters degree in Economics from PU. Currently she is working in IDAP, GOP.

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