Jhaanjar di Paawaan Chhankaar wow theatre-goers at Alhamra

The advent of summers in Lahore is enough to drive the people indoors, and the people from the middle and other class localities to make a beeline for the Canal.

In this time, anything that has the power to pull the people out of their cool environs has to be nothing less than a miracle – a miracle that can be called Sarmad Sultan Khoosat!

On 20th April, this miracle happened in Alhamra when we saw people lined in a long cue to get a ticket for Jhaanjar di Paawaan Chhankaar a stage play that was sold out for all three performances.

With its fantastic direction and wonderful prop determination, one really appreciates what goes on the stage. Keeping the props aside, the principle highlight of the play is its extremely solid cast which includes Sarmad Sultan Khoosat, Samiya Mumtaz, Zain Afzal and Iman Shahid.

The play kicked off on a white set of a Studio apartment with Hamza sitting mid stage stringing his guitar singing Kabhi ham Khoobsoorat thay, then gets up and goes to hang his guitar in a pillar of his bed that is off the floor with stairs going up. After few minutes later Hamza’s mother calls him. Hamza picks up the phone call and talks to his mother, insisting that she didn’t came to visit for another month as was their deal.

The story unfolds with Zaman (Sarmad) entering Hamza’s apartment, and discovering that Hamza is blind. The dialogue question by Zaman as he talks of something, “Andhay ho kia?” and Hamza’s reply, “Haan, andhahun!” is delivered with such flow that it takes a second for it to sink in.

Zaman turns out to be a fledgling actor who plays a role in which he lives out his fantasy at night as the reincarnation of Anjuman, an actress of yesteryears. He even agrees to rehearse his dance in Hamza’s room and the dance number performed during the play enthralled the audience in the hall.

Enter Mrs. Sohail (Samiya Mumtaz) the mother of Hamza, who has raised him as an outwardly tested tyke incorporating home educational cost in the limits of their home in Sheikhupura; it unfurls that a sibling and sister remained in the area of Sohail family, mother and child have an adoration and abhor association. with the sibling and sister and things being what they are Hamza got a great deal of help from them to wind up free and take the choice to move to Lahore and attempt to live autonomously.

Zaman walks in with Iman Shahid the director of the movie and it turns out that Zaman is moving out of the apartment to move in with his director which visibly shake’s the confidence of Hamza. As Zaman and Iman walk out, Hamza confidence fails him and he tells his mother to take him back to Sheikhupura.

The play additionally creates as Zain’s mom, played splendidly by Samiya Mumtaz, goes to Zain’s condo. Their trades feature how she has coincidentally kept her child away from such a great amount by endeavoring to ensure him. The two characters are endeavoring to demonstrate a remark other in Zain’s new life. His mom has come into his new life and is grappling with her thoughts regarding life that are being tested. The fourth character is Iman’s who’s a movie producer from Columbia and has come back to the place where she grew up to make a few movies that push limits. We see her having rubbing with the mother who speaks to a more seasoned, more preservationist age Mrs. Sohail turns the tables on her son and refuses to take him and start controlling his life again’ she tells Hamza to stay on in Lahore and live his life as he wants.

The curtain call had the audience on their feet, clapping, cheering and whistling their appreciation.

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