Levi’s® Live brings contemporary talents

Levi’s® Live’s Session 8 welcomed 2018 with contemporary talents performing live at Riot Studios. Since 2016, the platform has stayed true to its essence of reviving live music in the nation. Levi’s® Live has showcased the diversity of talent that can be found in Pakistan and continues to promote the young musicians of the country by bringing them to center stage and have them perform in front of a live audience,

The eighth session of Levi’s® Live was opened by Shorbanoor, the solo endeavor of Lahore-based songwriter Shehzad Noor followed by Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooroo, the signer-songwriter headlined by the contemporary fusion band Mughal-e-Funk. The performances ranged from Shorbanoor’s rock ‘n’ roll to Mooroo’s groovy pop ballads and ended with a contemporary take of classical music with Mughal-e-Funk.

Shorbanoor is the solo project of Lahore-based songwriter Shehzad Noor who was previously associated with Poor Rich Boy. He is accompanied live by Jamal Rahman on guitar and synth, Sameer Ahmed on bass and Fahad Khan on drums.

Taimoor Salahuddin better known by his stage name Mooroo is a Pakistani entertainer, singer-songwriter, actor, director, producer and vlogger. Since the beginning of his career in 2011, his songs or music videos has been nominated for Lux Style Awards eight times, winning it once in 2016 for his song Maryam. His writes, composes and produces his own music with session players coming in for live performances.

Mughal-e-Funk is a contemporary instrumental fusion/funk band that consists of three members; Kami Paul on the drums, Rufus Shahzad on synths and keyboard and Rakae Jamil on the sitar. The Levi’s® Live session also featured artists Rassab Aamir, Neha Ch and Mohammad Aizaz. The band’s name is inspired by the Mughal Era, and the compositions are named after the Mughal Emperors. The compositions are the musical interpretations of the lives and cultural contributions of the Mughal Emperors in the realms of art, music, poetry and literature. With a sitar in the band, it makes for a very different band with a very oriental sound and feel. The band has completed two EPs with the release in progress and the work on the third EP has begun.

On performing at Levi’s® Live Shorbanoor said; “. It was great performing at Levi’s® Live. I felt like we were able to connect with the crowd. It was a lot of fun. This was my favorite show for shorbanoor so far”

Speaking about his experience at Levi’s® Live Taimoor Salahuddin said “I had a great time playing at Levi’s® Live, I have been following it for a while and have discovered new musicians through it., I had always heard that the audience and energy at these session’s is great, and I got a chance to witness it myself – it was absolutely awesome. It was an honor for me to have some high profile celebrities and musicians whose music and work I respect and look up to were there in the audience watching me perform.]

On the 8th Session of Levi’s® Live, Farhad Humayun of Riot Studios said,” This session marked the end of the first spell of Levi’s Live. By now we have had all kinds of acts including A listers as well as upcoming Rock talent with a touch of folk, sufi, Indie, kids and some very impressive women who’ve belted great performances. Levi’s Live has made its mark as the only live music platform in Pakistan where the cool bands and people hang out and do something constructive. We will soon reveal the dynamics of the second spell which starts in March which will focus more on new talent. In one year of consulting on Levi’s Live I would like to commend Levi’s and Uzma Rao at Native Rock and the entire production team at Riot Studios for putting all this together.”
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