Package-2 of Royal Trail restoration project near completion

Walled City of Lahore Authority (WCLA) has undertaken the implementation of Urban Rehabilitation and Infrastructure improvement works along-with conservation of historically valued buildings & façade improvement of the buildings on Royal Trail Package -2 from Chowk Purani Kotwali to Akbari Gate of Lahore Fort.

The project area to be covered under this project comprises of a representative part of the Walled City between Lahore Fort old houses mostly built on age’s old consolidated debris in narrow bazaars and streets presently infested with commercial activities particularly stretched along main road & even in sub-streets. Initially the project area was giving a shabby look due to over-head hanging tidy looking bunch of telecom & electricity cables, dangerous to human life were desired to be secured & shifted to an Under Ground network as per the requirement of modern times.

Despite of all these hardships Electricity, Telephone, TV, Internet (Optical Fiber) systems have now been laid underground in the package -2 as well. The hanging over-head high/ low tension (HT/ LT) and telecom wires are being removed which is giving a state of the art picture to the project area.

WCLA Director General Kamran Lashari said, “Our engineering and conservation team completed the package -1 in 2015 and then started on the work in package -2 which is from chowk kotwali to masti gate. It is an achievement that despite different hurdles and city life this part of the trail has been restored. Main monuments on this patch are the Chunna Mandi College, Mariam Zamani Mosque and Janam Asthan of Guru Arjun Ram. After the completion of this patch the trail will be opened for tourists,” he said.

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