Group show by various artists on social, cultural issues conclude

“Short Stories”, a group show of diverse style paintings by twelve recent graduates of National College of Arts (NCA)Lahore and Rawalpindi concludes at Gallery 12.0.

The show highlighted works on individual stories and personal experiences of the artists including Amal Nadeem, Asghar Ali, Iqra Arif, Maiha Fauzan, Mubashar Iqbal, Muhammad Jawad, Muzna Mahmood, Numaira Javaid, Rahat Ali, Talha Khan, Waseem Akram and Zoha Zafar.

All of these artists displayed their creative ideas on social, cultural and political issues of society as Amal Nadeem’s work explored human behavior both positive and negative with the medium of printmaking.

Iqra Arif captured the sense of getting lost in her works connecting spirituality to the visual art. While Asghar Ali, a miniaturist belonging to Hazara minority of Quetta painted portraits of people of his community featuring innocence and fear on their faces.

Miniature artist, Jawad Ali painted the ideas of questioning the meanings and perceptions derived from reading text and its impact on the society.

Muzna Mahmood’s multi-layered works explored the human behaviors, intentions, personalities and objects. While Lahore based Artist Rahat Ali brought inspirations from nature to his works connecting them with poetry and literature.

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