Experts explore ancient cultural history of Balochistan

Culture experts in an interactive session at National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage, Lok Virsa explored various aspects of “Ancient Cultural History of Balochistan”.

Besides culture experts, Professor Dr. Wahid Bakhash Buzdar was the guest speaker on the occasion.

They discussed the prominent features of ancient cultural history of Balochistan while specifically focusing on Mehrgarh.

The speakers highlighted and explored the cultural continuities from the ancient history of Balochistan.

Professor Buzdar holds a doctorate in Balochi language and has been accorded several regional and national civil awards, by the GoP (TI) and Government of Balochistan for his academic services and contributions including Excellence Award and Lifetime Achievement Award.

Currently retired, he has taught Balochi language, literature and culture for last thirty years in the National Institute of Pakistan Studies (NIPS), of Quaid E Azam University, Islamabad.

He has 17 books/monographs and 5 text books to his credit in the field of literature, culture and language. In addition to that he has written 48 papers for magazines and journals of national and international repute.

The session was part of fortnightly Muzakra series by Research Section of Lok Virsa, which is an interactive session that engages audience with the guest speakers during the question and answer session.

It is regular part of Lok Virsa’s activities to preserve and promote the various forms of heritage in the country and highlight the magnificent cultural legacy of Pakistan.

Lok Virsa with its mandate is focusing on the promotion of folk heritage of Pakistan in a way that is relevant to people of all ages and backgrounds and to provide more meaning, depth and rootedness in life.

The promotion of folk heritage will also create more space for expressing diversity within the culture, asserting cultural autonomy and dignity, said the organizers.

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