Iftar with Chinese Acting ambassador to Pakistan Zhao Lijian

As Ramadan has begun all over the world, Chinese Acting ambassador to Pakistan Zhao Lijian invited the Media fraternity, Socialites, NGO’s, Academia, Government Representatives, Representatives of Chamber of Commerce Industries to join together for an iftar dinner.

Hosted by in support with friends of Patriotic Club and Chinese Acting ambassador to Pakistan Zhao Lijian to pay rich tributes to Pakistani friends for their active role in strengthening the China-Pak decades’ old strategic partnership through their positive reporting.

The event took place in the beautiful hall of Chinese Embassy, Islamabad. The room was marked by the signature celebration that evenings in Ramadan are known for.

News and print media journalists, from veterans to newcomers, former and current government representatives and the media representatives of business outfits, the government bodies, and representatives of political parties came together for iftar under one roof.

For many, it was an iftar that doubled as an opportunity to sit across from colleagues whom they may not have had a chance to meet before as well as also meeting reporters and editors from one of the country’s most important but underrated cities.

I met a few new people and learned that there is a lot happening in Islamabad. People that I had never met before; it was a great experience meeting so many new people working here.

It’s always good to have interaction with media people, especially with those in news channels and print. Looking after the diplomatic domain, even if it’s only once a year, it’s good to interact with everyone. Iftars in particular happen to be good icebreakers.

Events like this help to cultivate journalists and socialites from the area; for journalists and Chinese Embassy it’s an opportunity to see if there is any contribution they can make, and an event like this is important because iftar is a celebration.

The event drew many from all over Punjab including seasoned journalists such as Mian Habib Ullah. It was great opportunity to be driving him from Lahore along with colleagues from different government departments. In the quick trip to Islamabad it was such a treat to be discussing the impact of political, economic, socio-cultural, environmental and other external influences the current situation and the way forward during the journey.

Chinese Acting ambassador to Pakistan Zhao Lijian paid rich tributes to Pakistani media for their active role in strengthening the CPEC through their positive reporting.

In his brief address at ‘iftar-dinner’, he said that the Pakistani media has always been on forefront for projecting China’s position on various regional and international issues in their true perceptive.

He thanked both the print and electronic media for their whole-hearted support to the embassy. He noted there is across-the-board national consensus on the two countries’ deep-rooted friendship, and this, he added is a great source of strength giving further boost to their bilateral ties.

He hoped that Pakistani and Chinese media’s partnership will grow with the passage of the time for giving support to the on-going efforts of ensuring a better future for their people. He assured that Chinese embassy will extend its all possible cooperation to Pakistani media in promoting the shared future and common development.

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